Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yieldings from Bad Labor

What up! There is a famous cliché " You reap what you sow" and that is exactly what happened in our game on Sunday against Givat Schumel. Leading up to the game, I didn't fell like the team was practicing very well during the week and it showed when the game arrived. We opened the game very lethargic and didn’t posses any energy in the way we played. Similar to the successful teams that have come against us, Givat switched early on from man to man defense to 2-3 zone. We didn’t have any ball movement and penetration so they were able to be very effective in the zone in the first half.

The start of the second half our team was able to build a little momentum and add a little more energy to the game. We able to get the ball in transition and get some easy shots before their zone was able to set up. But time after time Givat was able to break our momentum with big shots in key moments. Our defense allowed them to shoot a high percentage from the field and it took a mental toll on our team. Despite the terrible first 38 minutes of the game, we were in a good position down four with two minutes to go and the ball. Our team wasn’t able to capitalize on the opportunities we were given and we suffered a bad home loss 88—77. It was another tough one for me with 16pts and 5rbs. So the team and myself must focus in and work hard this week because we play Holon, a very talented team who just won the Israeli Cup. The Israeli Cup is a single-game elimination tournament for the top eight teams in the mid-season.

Back to the Gym….Peace!

Son Of The City

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