Thursday, October 29, 2009

Season Opener

Hey whats going on!!! The season is officially under way and the exciting part of the year is just starting. Last saturday we opened the season with a home game against Hapoel, who is loaded with talent. We jumped on them early in the game and had a 9 pt. lead because they came out a little sluggish. Both teams were playing defense really well and we went into half time tied up at 36. In the 2nd half, we started to wear down due to a short bench and fatigue set in. We were missing point blank shots and turning the ball over at an alarming rate. That gave Hapoel easy transition shots and down the stretch they hit back to back 3's to put the game away. We had our opportunites in the end but came up short 82-75.

I played only 4 minutes of the game and had to sit down because I could not move with my foot injury and with only two days of half practice. But now I have been continuing my rehab and Im nearly back to my regular self. Practice has been going well and I am able to go 100%. So I look forward our next game Nov. 1 against Haifa and helping my team get on the winning track.

Son Of The City

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Whats up...the pre-season is passing right along but without me for the past week. I have been nursing a mysterious foot injury that I attained last Sunday during practice. I believe when I came down from a lay up, it just sort of jammed when I landed. Nothing felt funny or seemed funny when I landed but sometimes enough stress on an area can cause any type of injury. The team doctor took an X-ray of my foot and everything looked normal. He diagnosed the injury as a simple bruise to the ligament in my foot. It doesn't bother me when I run in a straight line, but hinders my lateral mobility when I try to play.

The team has been doing pretty well with me out of the line-up, we won a exhibition game last tuesday and have been having decent practices. I am going to be back in the line-up tomorrow evening for practice and take it easy and work my way back up to full speed. I think the guys will enjoy my presence being back out there with them on the court and the intensity of things will go up another level. We have two more preseason games before we open up the season against Jerusalem at home October 25th. So its time to focus and keep things going in the right direction but at a steady pace for me. Peace...

Son Of The City

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great Summer

Basketball season is around the corner and I am excited to get things kicked off in the near future. But wanted to start the first blog of the season off with a review of summer camp. This past summer we had two basketball camp sessions: one at St. Stephens and another at Mid-America sports complex. The coaching staff and myself had a great time coaching the kids this summer and it was definitely the highlight of my summer. My summer was pretty stressful trying to study for my CPA exam, so to spend a whole two weeks with the youth and take my mind off of the test was a big help for me.

We had a great time because the kids were laughing and smiling and Im not sure who had more fun during the camp week the kids or the coaches. I believe that is what makes the camp so special because not only are the kids working hard and learning but have instructors who are enjoying it just as much as they are. Both camp championships came down to the last play of the game and really made it fun. I had some funny moments giving out technical fouls during the camp sessions to the coaching staffs as well.

We really look forward to seeing the kids at camp in summer 2010. As the detaisl emerge for the camp in 2010, it will be updated on the Larry O'Bannon website.