Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Victory!

Well, I usually wait until the day after the game to write my blog but I am sitting here waiting for the Superbowl Game to come on TV, so I will just tell you about the game while I wait.  We won today against Kiryat Ata, a team that is dead last in the Israeli standings 108-86.  We played like we normally do, jumping to a big lead, and we were able to maintain it today.  Even though it wasn't the best team, it is still something that we need to learn how to do.

Newcomer, Demarco Johnson, made his presence felt today in the middle in his debut game.  He had 30 pts and 11 rebs.  Robert Conley, the other wingman had an excellent game as well 28pts and 9 rebs.  The game started out a lil slow for me, think the effects from last game were lingering around a little bit, but was missing some easy shots around the basket.  After a few misses, I got it going with a post up on a smaller guard and went on to drop in 21 pts and grab 6 rebs.  Went 6/11 FG's and 4/5 from 3pt. line.  Only went to the foul line four times ( 3/4) and I have been averaging ten free throws a game.  Still wasn't too pleased with my game because I am a player that thrives on efficiency and capitalizing on opportunities.  Still, I'm very happy with the fact that we won and we are on a two game winning streak.  The team is heading in the right direction and we started the second round of play with a victory.    We play a team called Haifa next Sunday and they are No. 3 in the Israeli Standings.  They are probably the most talented team in the league, so I am definitely going to have to be sharp from the gate in that game.  Tomorrow we have a day off, so Im going to hit the weight room hard and work out in the swimming pool.

The Superbowl is coming on, think Im going with Arizona because I am a big Kurt Warner fan.    Lets go Cards!  Peace..

Son of The City   


  1. Congratulations on the W and good luck with Haifa.

  2. Good playing yesterday! I was at the Cards game on Saturday and it was good to see Jerry shoot it well and TJ have a break out game. Good luck in your next game.

  3. Hey Larry,

    I didn't see any contact info for you here. I wanted to share a link with you for pre-game for the St. John's vs Louisville game.

    Perhaps your readers will enjoy some perspective from the opponent.

    Also I'll add your blog to my big east links page.

    Please send me an email as well so I can add you to my contacts list.


    Dave Krupinski