Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time for Healing

Hey whats going on everybody! Got an afternoon practice today so I figured I would take the time to catch you up on whats been going on with my team and I. This season has been sort of a roller coaster for my team because we started the season off with injuries and changes to our roster but once we got our foundation and chemistry, we started to get back on track. The start of the second half of the season has started off the same way the beginning started....with injuries.

After winning 4 in a row, we took our winning streak into Jerusalem feeling good about how we were playing. It was a great game by both teams and the score went back and forth. With the score tied at 84, the game was coming down to making big plays. With only 12 secondsremaining, I had to come up with a 1-on-1 stop on the defensive end on their go to guy. After coming up with the stop, we had 4.9 seconds to go the length of the court to win it. I got a good running start as I caught the inbound pass and went the length of court and missed the floater at the end of regulation. In over time Jerusalem made some big shots and came away with the victory 101-95. I ended the game with 12pts and a couple assist.

After that game, we suffered a severe blow to our team losing our key power forward for the seaon with a knee injury. So we have been a little undermanned the last few games and it really took notice because we lost our best rebounder. This is a part of the game and we must improvise and keep proceeding forward. We had a lot of games to go and all the teams are in a pack for playoff spots. We have to put a winning streak together to ensure that we have a spot in the end when the playoff teams are decided.

As for me, the New Years break was a good time for me to really heal up and work on my conditioning. Since then I have been shooting 55% from 3-point line and 92 % from the foul line, which tell me that my legs are back in shape and feeling good. Thought I would include this photo of the windmill dunk I did in a game as proof my legs are feeling well. (During the game, not warm-ups LOL). Its almost march and time seems like it has flown by...I'm ready to watch March Madness and watch the Cards put together a late run.