Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hey! Sorry, I have not been feeling well this week, so that is why I haven’t written a blog to you guys. Last weekend our team had a good week of practice and prepared to face Holon, Israeli Cup Champions, on the road in a hostile environment. It was a great game that took two over-times to decide the winner. Unfortunately, we missed the game winning shot at the buzzer and were on the losing end of the battle 107-108. I was able to help the team get out to a great start in the first half but saw only a few minutes in the second half. The Israeli rules say that two Israeli players must be on the court at all times during the game. Our coach felt we needed two American big men and one wing man on the court instead of two wing men and one big, which in turn, left little action for me in the second half. Overall, I thought that we put forth a great effort and played well as a team, but in the end we just didn’t find a way to pull it out. I ended the game with 14pts and 5rebs.

My dad is here in Tel Aviv visiting for two weeks, so it felt good to have him here and able to watch me play. The day after the game, we went on a religious retreat for a few days to site see and ease my mind from the game. Our first trip was to Jerusalem, to see and learn more about The Biblical history of Jesus Christ. It was a great experience, we got a chance to see the Crucifixion and Resurrection sites of Jesus Christ. Our second trip was to see The Sea of Galilee and The Jordan River. Seeing those sites and knowing what they represent was very powerful and something I will never forget.

This week we play a team called Ashkelon, they are one game ahead of us in the standings. They have a team with good chemistry and great shooters, but it's at our home so we look forward to getting back on the right track. Look forward to writing you after the game tomorrow and telling you about the victory from the game. Back to the gym until we get it right….Peace!

Son Of The City

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