Sunday, February 1, 2009

Game Day

Its game day on this Sunday morning, so I'm up doing my usual game routine. I went to practice this morning and got some shots up during the walk-thru. Cook me some breakfast while my gospel music is play( don't listen to any other music until after noon). I check sportscenter to see how my boys played yesterday and just seen that Jerry Smith and T. Jennings had a good game. Glad to see Jerry playing and shooting well and see the young guy picking up the system and growing in confidence. Now I'm about to watch church service on tv and take some notes while I have a my little devotional service. After, Im going to eat and then sleep until the game....If you have any good verses I can read drop me a comment. Hit you back after the game.....Peace

Son Of The City

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  1. Hey larry, im so glad you are posting these blogs. Its so cool that you are living such a good life and still so humble about it. Everyone back here in the ville misses ya. I was wondering if you still talk to cisco and if you ever get to see some of the other uofl players over in europe.