Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exh. Game/ Free Time

What up!

This past weekend we had a exhibition game with Ramat Gan, a team we have already beaten once, because it was a bye week in the schedule for us. It was a good chance for us to get some practice against someone other than ourselves and work on some new things we have been implementing in practice. For me personally, I wanted to concentrate on sprinting the lanes and pushing the fastbreak whenever I got the rebound. The last game we lost against Haifa, I didn't get any easy basket or wasn't able to attack the basket in transition. The first half we did a good job of it and I was able to get easy baskets and get to the foul line often, where I often shoot a high percentage.

In the second half, Ramat Gan started to apply a soft press and dropped back into a 2-3 zone to slow us down. It worked a little to their advantage, but I was able to work on moving without the ball and getting into open spaces for shots. We won the game 86-82 and took a lot of positive things out of that game.

On another note, people ask me a lot of times what I am doing when I am not playing in games or practicing. Honestly, when I am not in the gym, I am at home brainstorming about everything. It is really the reason why I am involved in a lot of the activities that I am back home in Louisville, Ky. The Summer Basketball Classic Pro-Am, The Larry O'Bannon Foundation, Larry OBannon Basketball camp, etc.. is all brain stormed and put together during my down time while playing overseas. I wish that I could take the credit for everything but a lot of the ideas come from simple conversations with my family or an idea from a friend. I take my time on thinking it all the way through and if it is something that I want to go through with, then I start to write out the plan on paper. I try to find someone that has done a similar event in the past or has some knowledge in my area of interest so i can talk to them. If you were to walk into my european home, you would find a big desk in front on my couch with a bunch of papers scattered everywhere. But I know where everything is located and which papers go together, guess I need to buy some folder huh? lol.

I'm currently reading a book called Forty Million Dollar Slaves, it's a good book that gives a different perspectives on the athletics and where it orginated. Other than that, Im playing Madden on PS3 online or Im relaxing watching TV.

We have a big game coming up this sunday against Givet Schmuel, a team that is sitting one place ahead of us in the standings. They are also occupying the last playoff position, so it is very important that we get this victory and protect our home court. We must continue to stay intense in practice and maintain focus so that we may be sharp when game day arrives. Be back later this week to let you know how it turns out. God is Good! Peace...

Son Of The City

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  1. Larry it's been a long time since you been gone from Serbia and I just wanna let you know that I still support you and love you.You're gorgeous person and I miss ya a lot.I hope I'll have a opportunity to meet you soon.Good luck and kiss from Milka.