Monday, January 26, 2009

Game Day

Last night we played a team called Ramat Gan on the road. We won 73-72, in another close game to a team that I didn't think was on the same level as our team. We did not play well as a team and it was not one of my better performances either. We made a lot of unforced turnovers( the stat sheet said I had 4, but I calculated 6) and our shot was everywhere but the gym last night. I think it was a direct effect from us not having a good week of practice and it showed in the game. But the main fact is that we got the win on a bad night and on the road, so that leaves me some excitement knowing that we have can still find a way to win on tough nights. Even though I had a rough game, my team depended on me at the end to ice the game away and hit the game winning free throws. My final stat line was 11pts, 5rebs, 2 stls, 2 asst.

So I'm really looking forward to practice this week because I'm a player that needs a lot of repetition on my skills. When I have a lot of repetition, my skills become sharper and confidence increases as I feel better about my game. It is tough being a leader on the team at times trying to make sure that the team is getting better and that we are heading in the right direction; At the same time I know I have to get better as well for us to grow. So this week, I will definitely be staying after practice a little longer everyday to sharpen up some moves and getting some extra shooting in.

Last night was the last game of the first half of the season and that win moved us to 3-7. Believe it or not, we are one game out of the playoffs right now with the whole second half of the season to go. I honestly predict that the team will finish around .500 and we will make the playoffs. We signed a veteran big guy named DeMarco Johnson, about 34 years old and went to University of Charlotte. A good player, may not have the athleticism that he once did, but he still has the post skills, a good rebounder and is a great passer. That will make it easier for me to get open shots, move more without the ball and be able to sprint the lanes in transition. Of course, when he walked in the locker room, he starts joking with me about what he did to U of L in his day. I told him he must not be up with the times of what is going on recently at both of our schools and he went silent(lol)! We know what Da Ville is doing but where is Charlotte these days...haha!

Got a day off today, so I'm going to head to the weight room and just get some rest. There is a big game on the women's side today between the No.1 vs. No.2. They both have some WNBA players that came to support us last night, so I will probably go show them support later and to get out the house. In the process of adding my videos to the site, but below are some highlights that some fans made from my previous team, hope you enjoy! Peace....

Son Of The City

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  1. Hi Larry! I grew up in Louisville and was and still am a HUGE Cardinals fan. I moved to Israel a little over 3 years ago and live in Tel Aviv. I'm planning on coming to your game on Feb 22nd, and will be sporting my bright red, old school Doctors of Dunk UofL tshirt (with the Cardinal dunking the Wildcat). Feel free to be in touch if you want to hang out with a Card fan from the 'ville. Good luck!!