Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Game

Ciao! (Sigh)...things have been a little tense around the team so far, simply because we have faced adversity early on in the season. Injuries, new players coming to the team and trying to play with each other all contribute to the adversity that the team is facing. On top of that we play the other top 4 teams in the league for our first four games. I think that we have a very good team this year and it will all come together very soon.

Last Monday we played an away game at Haifa and I was excited because it was really my first game and I was looking to really help the team bounce back after a tough loss last week. I was a little worried about my conditioning since I hadn't been able to run or play for a month but all that went out the door when the game started. The first half was going back and forth for both team exchanging the lead but we went in the half down by one. We didn't play well at all on defense and we didn't box out allowing them to get easy shot after easy shot. In the second half both team still played even but Haifa made a 10-0 run that really made the difference in the game and we were never really able to retake the lead. We had our opportunities in the end but we couldn't get any defensive stops or defensive rebounds. We lost 84-76 and I ended up with 19pts 3rebs & 3 stls. I really felt a lot of responsibility for letting my team down in the second half because I wasn't my normal self and I was exhausted. The lack of conditioning and only 5 days of practice really came back to haunt me.

This week I have have been doing some extra cardio and weight training to get my shape back. Regardless, each week I will get better and the team will as well. This week we face Maccabi at home and it is sure to be a tough one. Last year we let them escape with a three point win at our place, I'm going to do my hardest to not to let it happen again this year.

Its good to see that college basketball season is about to get under way. I've been able to check out my Alma Mater(University of Louisville) in their two exhibitions and its good to see the new guys in uniform after playing with them in the summer. I think they will be pretty good this year with a senior lead backcourt and dominant big man in the middle. I will be watching to see if they open the season with a three guard/two forward line-up. 'Til next week.....Peace!


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