Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey whats up! Sorry for the long hiatus between blogs but I will definitely catch you up to speed on whats been going on. So since my last blog we have played 3 games and gone 1-2. First game was against Galil at home, which was a must win cause we hadn't won at home. It was a good game and both teams played hard but we fell short in the end 76-64. I had 23pts but missed a couple of big shots in the 4th quater for my team.

In the second game we played away at Holon. We didn't open up the game well and I didn't last very long in it as well. On a fast break in the second quarter, I went up for a dunk attempt while a player on the other team was trying to draw the charge; I jumped pretty high but the charge took my legs from beneath me making me land hard on my back. It was a pretty scary moment for me because I laid on the floor and I really couldn't move. After 10 minutes I tried to stand but couldn't from the pain. They immediately took me to the hospital for X-rays but everything was negative and I just had a massive bone bruise. The team rallied behind my absence and came away with the win.

The Third game was against Bnei Sharon at home and we were attempting to win our first home game. They jumped up early but double figures but we responded with runs of our own to take a double figure lead in the third quarter. We were not able to sustain our lead and with 9 seconds remaining, we missed a go ahead 3 and lost 83-79. I had 17pts but this lost we really tough for me cause this is the first game we played with a healthy roster and didn't think we would lose. But thats why we play the on the schedule is Netanya!

See you guys in a few days when I'm blogging about a victory...Peace!

Son Of The City

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