Saturday, October 10, 2009


Whats up...the pre-season is passing right along but without me for the past week. I have been nursing a mysterious foot injury that I attained last Sunday during practice. I believe when I came down from a lay up, it just sort of jammed when I landed. Nothing felt funny or seemed funny when I landed but sometimes enough stress on an area can cause any type of injury. The team doctor took an X-ray of my foot and everything looked normal. He diagnosed the injury as a simple bruise to the ligament in my foot. It doesn't bother me when I run in a straight line, but hinders my lateral mobility when I try to play.

The team has been doing pretty well with me out of the line-up, we won a exhibition game last tuesday and have been having decent practices. I am going to be back in the line-up tomorrow evening for practice and take it easy and work my way back up to full speed. I think the guys will enjoy my presence being back out there with them on the court and the intensity of things will go up another level. We have two more preseason games before we open up the season against Jerusalem at home October 25th. So its time to focus and keep things going in the right direction but at a steady pace for me. Peace...

Son Of The City


  1. I hope you will be OK soon
    we love you here in rishon

  2. Larry, feel well and return back soon to the team.
    We are counting on you!