Friday, April 9, 2010

Being Efficient

Whats going on!! April is upon us and it seems like time is just flying by in 2010. If the year was to end right now what would you remember about 2010? Just something to think about and reminder to enjoy life and live everyday to the fullest. 201o has been good to my team and myself thus far, and I'm going to try and keep it that way. I have been able to stay healthy and play well, resulting in multiple winning streaks for my team. I am currently shooting 47% from 3-pt range, 57 % from the field and 90% from the foul line. That is a personal best for me from the 3-pt line and I want to take it up to 50% before the seaon ends. Last year I shot 91% from the free throw line, which was a personal best, but I don't think 90% is too bad haha. Becoming consistently efficient in my shooting is something that I really worked hard on because now-a-days everybody wants to shoot and score the ball. I've always played on very talented teams from high school to the collegiate level. So I asked myself, "What is the best way I can get shots and make my teammates pass me the ball?" The answer : Always be on fire. Whenever one of your teammates is on fire and making shots, everyone wants to try and get them the ball. Nobody likes to play with a player that likes to take a lot of shots and they aren't efficient or shooting a high percentage on a consistent basis( aka "A Gunner").

Coming into last week, our team was on a three game winning streak, which consisted of three home wins against hot teams in the league. So it was time for us to test ourselves in the next game away from home playing against Nahriya. They were coming off two major wins over two top teams in the league(both of whom have swept us this season), and adding in the fact that Nahriya was playing at home had to make them extremely confident. In the first quarter, we set the tone of the game with physical defense and hard rebounding. On offense, we were able to spread them out and our point guards and big men hurt them with the pick-n-roll game plan. I was sort of a decoy in the first half because they were not going to help off of me, so that took away the weak side help. The second half is where I scored all 16 of my points forcing Nahriya to decide on whether to keep giving up lay-up on the pick-n-roll or help off of me and leave me open. It was a hard fought game between two teams that wanted to win, but in the end we won 67-60. My stat line for the game was 16pts, 7rebs. and 3stls. I was really proud of my team because we were able to bring our home game defensive intensity on the road and it paid off. Also, my mother was in attendance so it felt good to have her there and get a win for her. She should come all the time lol.

This week we played Ramat Gan at home and the challenge was for us to stay focused even though we were playing the last place team. The first quarter was very sluggish and we came out very lethargic in our playing. I was out of sync myself turning the ball over and missing easy shots. My teammates from the bench came in the game and gave us great energy, as well as taking a eight point lead heading into half time. Ramat Gan came out confident in the second half but we were able to wear them down and put them away for good by winning 84-70. This game extended our winning streak to five and my stat line finished with 18pts and 6rebs.

The Kentucky Derby festivities are about to get under way and I wish I could be apart of them this year. I am a big horse racing fan and love the aura around the city of Louisville at this time of year. Im not up to date on the current Derby field but I will definitely have to do some research and get my bets together. My season is winding down with two regular season games left and the playoffs taking place during early May. Now is the time to focus on finishing strong and making sure my team keeps this momentum going into the playoffs. About to head out to practice and get a lil bit better today....God is Good!! (Deuces)

Son Of The City

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